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Want to keep up with what's in the publishing pipeline? This is the place to find out. I'll be updating this page periodically so you'll know the status of the various projects I'm working on and when you can expect them to hit the shelves.


Description: The action-filled story of a young woman who triumphs over adversity in an unconventional way. It's part spy thriller, part coming-of-age tale, with a bit of romance and a touch of dry humor wrapped around an original paranormal concept. No vampires. No zombies. No werewolves. No ghosts - at least not in the traditional sense. (fiction). Is that enough of a tease for you? 

Length: 89,000 words.

Publication date: February 2017.

Status: Check out the awesome cover! More exciting updates on this one will be coming soon.

Highway 99: california's main street

Description: History of U.S. Highway 99 in California, covering everything from the old restaurants and filling stations that lined the road to some of the famous people who drove it. Read about the Old Ridge Route that connected Northern and Southern California; the boom town of Kennett, now submerged under Shasta Lake; the old Richfield Beacon stations that lit the way for pilots and drivers alike; and much more. Illustrated with historical photos from the archives of Caltrans, historical societies and other collections, as well as the author's own contemporary photos.

Length: 110,000 words.

Publication date: June 1, 2017.

Status: Contract signed. Cover in development. Release date targeted for June 1, 2017.


Description: History of U.S. Highway 101 in California (non-fiction).

Length: 41,000 words (current); 100,000 words (target).

Status: Writing in progress. I've done most of the research and writing on the Central Coast segment of U.S. 101. I'll be taking interview/research/photography trips this summer and fall to the northern and southern sections. Most recent activity: a trip to Sacramento in December 2016 to select photos from the Caltrans archives for this project. The as-yet-untitled work will take a back seat to the sequel to "Memortality," but I hope to have it finished in 2017.


Description: Sequel to "Memortality" (working title chosen; firm title to be announced).

Length: 99,000 words.

Publication date: TBA.

Status: Writing complete as of December 2016, with second and third drafts also done. Submitted to publisher. 


Description: Sequel to "Memortality" (working title chosen; firm title to be announced).

Length: TBA. First two chapters written; otherwise, in conceptual stage.

Publication date: TBA.

Status: Writing begun as of December 2016.