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Author of historical nonfiction and speculative fiction.
Editor, columnist, reporter and photographer.

Punchy and fast paced, Memortality reads like a graphic novel. Its short chapters are exciting, well plotted, and compelling. Provost, a reporter, is a no-nonsense writer who delivers on the action without ruminating too much on character motivation or description. His style makes the trippy landscapes and mind-bending plot points more believable and adds a thrilling edge to the novel. ... vivid crossover fantasy.
— Foreword Reviews

MEMORTALITY and PAralucidity
available now!

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The memories of loved ones we've lost can fade with time, but imagine for a moment that you could preserve those memories as if they were made yesterday. What if you could do more than that? What if you could bring those loved ones back to life simply by remembering them? Minerva Rus can do just that. She's a young woman with a powerful gift: the ability to put things back the way they were ... even to the point of raising the dead. It's a gift her enemies want to control. To exploit. And they'll stop at nothing to possess it.

Available now for presale on Amazon, Memortality is Stephen H. Provost's debut novel launching Linden Publishing's brand new imprint, Pace Press. Read more about it here, and look for it in bookstores in February 2017, and watch this site for updates!

A rich and complex world, with an ever-twisting and an immensely compelling story, Memortality is a terrific science fiction thriller that imprints on your mind like an unforgettable snapshot.
— John Palisano, Bram Stoker® winning author of Nerves and Ghost Heart

Fresno Growing Up
A City comes of Age, 1945-85

Available NOW!
By Stephen H. Provost

Step back in time to an era when Central California's largest city was coming into its own. Relive the excitement of life in a a burgeoning metropolis in the heart of California following the end of World War II.

Available at fine bookstores in the San Joaquin Valley and California's Central Coast, and online at Quill Driver Books,, and



Indeed, home is where the heart is. And after reading this exceptionally chronicled masterpiece, you will validate your heart’s love for this nutty, fascinating hometown of ours. The words and photos will jingle memory bells of happy days that ring true today, and keep us near.
— John Wallace, veteran Fresno news anchor, on "Fresno Growing Up"
Fresno Growing Up documents the culture of a sleepy agricultural town suddenly turning into the fastest growing city in the United States. Paced with pictures and personalities, it’s a cinematic travelog through the fads and the food, the fun and the fables that made Fresno such an under appreciated blast in those days and Stephen Provost captures it all in a style as delectable as pink popcorn in Roeding Park. There’s never been a chronicle of Fresno so rich and detailed and it’s unlikely there will be again.
— Dean Opperman, Dean & Don's Breakfast Club, KKDJ

Highway 99 Cover.jpg

Highway 99

Available NOW!
By Stephen H. Provost

Take a trip back in time down the Golden State Highway, the Main Street of California that carried millions of travelers, truckers and tourists from one end of the state to the other for decades, uniting Hollywood and the heartland of agriculture, Sacramento and the Salton Sea. Relive the Golden Age of transportation for a state coming into its own.