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Where Clarity and Creativity meet


Let's talk …

When you're doing business, you don't want to feel like you're reading a textbook or an owner's manual. You want to feel like you're sitting down and having a conversation with someone, that you're speaking in plain terms you both can understand. You want clarity, precision and openness.

Clear communication is my specialty. I've spent more than three decades talking to people in newspaper articles, headlines, novels, press releases, books about history and philosophy — you name it. I bring that breadth of experience to any project I take on, and I'll put it to work for you.

I chose the name ProLucid because I know what I would want in a consultant, writer and editor: professionalism and clarity. I'm betting you want the same thing. Whether you're looking for someone to create a polished presentation, make your writing sparkle or develop a plan to reach your target audience,  you've come to the right place. You talk. I'll listen. And together we'll craft a strategy that will knock their socks off.

— Stephen H. Provost



  • Fiction, first pass — $0.025/word ($25/1,000 words)

  • Fiction, second look — $0.02/word ($20/1,000 words)

  • Nonfiction, first pass — $0.035/word ($35/1,000 words)

  • Nonfiction, second pass— $0.025/word ($25/1,000 words)

  • Résumés — $20 per page

  • Cover letters — $25 per page

  • Press releases — $25 per page


  • Cover letters — $0.50/word

  • Press releases — $0.50/word

If you’re interested in employing me as an editor, I’ll ask that you send a double-spaced sample page or two of the document you’d like me to consider, in Microsoft Word format. Rates are negotiable. I reserve the right to accept or reject any proposal at my discretion.