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Memortality cover.jpg

"A well written novel with modern prose and social concerns directed more for the young adult fan, the complex idea of mixing morality and mortality is a fresh twist on the human condition that is sure to draw other demographics as well. ... Memortality by Stephen H. Provost is one of those books that will incite more questions than it answers. And for fandom, that’s a good thing." ― Amazing Stories

"Punchy and fast paced, Memortality reads like a graphic novel. Its short chapters are exciting, well plotted, and compelling. Provost, a reporter, is a no-nonsense writer who delivers on the action ... his style makes the trippy landscapes and mind-bending plot points more believable and adds a thrilling edge to this vivid crossover fantasy."―Foreword Reviews

"Memortality is one of those books that is strangely fascinating, curiously thrilling, and absolutely so much fun to read." ― Jazzy Book Reviews

"Memortality is a fast-paced book with a great premise and great characters. It is a book packed with suspense, mystery, action, and the feels. And this book always made me think." ―Erucchii's Books and Recs

"This story blew my mind away. I really enjoyed going on this adventure with Minerva. A story that I couldn't put down for a minute. There was excitement on every page and couldn't wait to see what would happen next." ―Stacey Schneller, Books, Dreams, Life

"Intriguing, captivating and mesmerising. I loved loved it and would recommend it to everyone. The book was completely original, beautiful and gripping. I can't wait to read more from the author." ―Booklove

"Memortality takes a concept we've all dreamed of and turns it into our worst nightmare. Innovative terror at its best." ―Bram Stoker Award-winner Michael Knost, author of Return of the Mothman

"A fast-paced read interspersed with science fiction and paranormal elements. Minerva is a great character. She is witty, headstrong and independent. I couldn't help but cheer her on from our very first encounter and this is a book I will definitely be recommending to anyone who likes action, science fiction and paranormal reads." ―Booker T's Farm

"A fun and intriguing read with surprising twists and turns from the first to the last chapter ... Memortality is a page turner." ―Chairmaine Coimbra

"A rich and complex world, with an ever-twisting and an immensely compelling story, Memortality is a terrific science fiction thriller that imprints on your mind like an unforgettable snapshot." ―John Palisano, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Nerves and Ghost Heart

"Fans of The Running Dream will love Minerva, a feisty protagonist with a special gift for helping the dead, who embarks on an action-packed adventure as she attempts to save her loved ones." ―Alexandria Constantiova Szeman, author of The Kommandant's Mistress

Nightmare's Eve

Nightmare's Eve cover.jpg

"The genres in this volume span horror, fantasy, and science-fiction, and each is handled deftly. ... Nightmare's Eve should be on your reading list. The stories are at the intersection of nightmare and lucid dreaming, up ahead a signpost ... next stop, your reading pile. Keep the nightlight on." ― R.B. Payne, Cemetery Dance

"Provost sticks mostly to the classics: vampires, ghosts, aliens, and even dragons. But trekking familiar terrain allows the author to subvert readers' expectations. ... Provost's poetry skillfully displays the same somber themes as the stories. ... Worthy tales that prove external forces are no more terrifying than what's inside people's heads." ― Kirkus Reviews

"Stephen H. Provost has nightmares to sell. But be wary, this is no ordinary merchant of dark dreams. These are tales and poems of every sort from a writer to watch, from stories of redemption to those of love, vengeance, and damnation - or a frightful combination of all three. Sample his wares, but beware, many of these nightmares will stay with you long after the book is put aside." ― Mark Onspaugh, author of The Faceless One and Deadlight Jack

"Brace yourself. Your nightmares are about to get a whole lot darker. Stephen H. Provost pulls you into a place where reality, imagination, and fear play a brutal game of tug-of-war with your sanity. Keep the lights on, this book should come with a warning label to never read it in the dark." ― Vanta M. Black, author of Oubliette - A Forgotten Little Place

"Having thoroughly enjoyed Provost's debut novel, Memortality, I was quite eager to read his  foray into short stories. Nightmare's Eve didn't disappoint. It's an enjoyably surreal, spooky peek into the things that keep us up at night, and it further solidifies the author's place among fiction's up-and-comers. Stephen Provost is the real deal." ― David McAfee, bestselling author of 33 A.D. 

Highway 99


"Any with an interest in California's history and culture will find Highway 99 a fine collection that offers many images and ideas not to be found in more general California history titles." ―Midwest Book Review

For the first time, we have a full portrait of Highway 99. Provost has crafted a lucid account, lively on every page. ―William B. Secrest, Jr., editor of Garden of the Sun

"From the Dust Bowl migrations of the 1930s to the rise and fall of gas stations, motels, attractions, and roadside diners, it’s all here in Highway 99. I highly recommend it." ―Diana Bulls, Kings River Life

"Profusely illustrated throughout, Highway 99 is unreservedly recommended as an essential and core addition to every community and academic library's California History collections and would serve as an excellent template for similar histories of other iconic American roads." ―California Bookwatch

"Provost's grasp of local color comes through in his choice of anecdotes; he picks out vivid and intriguing events to discuss the societal changes that the highway brought ... Readers nostalgic for California's yesteryear or who wonder about the history behind their road maps should find plenty to love in this work." ―Kirkus Reviews