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I'm an introvert by nature, but I'm very active on social media, which I know makes me a walking contradiction ... unless I'm sitting in front of a computer screen or lying in bed watching Star Trek, in which case I'm not walking at all. Am I still a contradiction? Read my books, and you can answer that question yourself, or feel free to "friend" me on Facebook. You can follow me on Twitter, too, but I don't visit that platform regularly. I'm too verbose to be constrained by 140 characters (or one-tenth as many people with boring personalities). I like double entendres almost as much as double hot fudge sundaes - which I shouldn't eat anyway, because I'm diabetic.

I avoid phones, for the most part, so I won't give you my number - and if you get it, don't bother calling because chances are I won't answer it. Don't text, either - especially if you're driving. I'll report you for that. But message me on Facebook or email me, and you'll get a more favorable response (unless you're a troll, in which instance I'll sick my big billy goat gruff on you). Don't try to debate me about politics or religion. Word of warning: I'm not interested in exchanging unpleasantries about such things online. Wow, the caveats are starting to pile up higher than I intended, so I'll stop here. Really, I do want you to connect with me. So here are some ways to go about doing that: Just click the links, and you'll be transported across the Information Superhighway to one of my online abodes:

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